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Using Our Products

Using our Products Is Simple

Directions for using the Daily Facial Cleanser and the Extra Moisturizing Facial Cleanser

Wet your face with warm water. Put a quarter-sized amount of the cleansing oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and rub it over your face, chin and neck. (You can clean off your eye make-up, too.)  Wet a 100% cotton washcloth with hot water, wring it out and hold it against your face. Wipe off your face and neck with the cloth.

TIP - The key to effective facial cleansing is keeping the hot, wrung out wash cloth on your face for 15-20 seconds before wiping the oil and make-up off your face.

For external use only.

Directions for using the Salt Body Scrub

Wash your body as you normally do, and rinse off all soap and cleansers.  Rub your legs, arms and torso with the salt scrub using a small dollop for each of your limbs.  Rinse your body thoroughly, and towel dry.  Use body lotion, if needed. 

TIP - Cover the Body Scrub jar securely after each use.  Shake the jar before using to make sure the oil is distributed throughout the salts.

For external use only.  Reprise Skincare Salt Body Scrub contains grapeseed oil - use caution when climbing out of your tub or shower.


Directions for using the Facial Scrub

Use once or twice a week.  Wet your face.  Take about a marble sized amount of the scrub, rub between your hands and apply, in circular motion, to your face.  Rinse well.

Directions for using the Facial Toner

Put toner on a cotton ball and apply to your clean face. 

Directions for using the Whipped Body Butter

Rub over clean dry skin.  Allow to absorb into skin before dressing.  Great after using the Salt Body Scrub!