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Kristi Shepherd

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Reprise Skincare... Our customers love to recapture their beautiful skin. 100% pure, natural and affordable skincare.


I wanted to let you know that I have been using my Reprise facial cleansers since you delivered them about 6 weeks ago. Yesterday, I had my first facial since then, and my facialist said my skin is significantly better than this time last winter. I loved the products from the start, but it is good to hear that it held up under the bright light and magnifying mirror. Congratulations on a great product!
— Joanna K., Minnetonka, MN
I am extremely sensitive to many skin products out on the market and as a result, I am fairly limited as to what I’m able to use (which is problematic for an actress with that whole stage make-up thing going on).
But I’m genuinely amazed at your product! This stuff is so pure, you could probably drink it. My skin looks and feels completely regenerated. It really takes a beating in the winter. But this cleanser removes heavy make-up with incredible kindness and economy. My daughter tried it, and loved it as well.
— Michelle B., St. Paul, MN
I wanted to send you a little note and tell you how much I LOVE the facial cleansing oil! I finally got around to using it and I’m currently obsessed. I have to admit I was a little skeptical since I wear quite a bit of make-up and didn’t know if it could take it all off. Well, it works magic and takes off probably 99% of my make-up (mascara is tricky as you know). And leaves my face nice and soft. I still put on skin aftercare cream, but I don’t feel dry like I used to after washing.
— Maureen C., Minneapolis, MN
Reprise Skincare products are fresh, environmentally friendly and leave my dry skin smooth and supple. Just the ticket for the challenging Minnesota climate.
— Catherine J., Minneapolis, MN
My girlfriends and I had a spa weekend trying out Kristi’s facial cleanser. We loved it!
I’m 6 days in and addicted.
— Jenny B., Eden Prairie, MN
When I first tried Reprise Skincare Extra Moisturizing Facial Cleanser four months ago, I got a very nice surprise. Due to my Scleroderma, I have what is sometimes referred to as “small mouth” (microstomia). And the corners get irritated. After I washed my face according to your directions, for some reason, I decided to dab a little extra on the corners of my mouth. It relieved the irritation and lasted all night and into the morning. Much better than any cream ever did.

I’m still using it and loving it!
— Elaine R., Golden Valley, MN
I am a woman well into her 80s who used Ponds Moisture Cream for almost 50 years when I was introduced to Reprise’s Extra Moisturizing Facial Cleanser. I’ve never used much make-up, so I never used a cleanser that removed make-up. Over the years, I just continued to use Ponds because my skin, on its own, is a bit dry and needs help. After using Reprise, I am amazed at how great my face feels and my skin looks. I am grateful for Reprise and am now using it on a regular basis.
— Lorraine B., Edina, MN
I have used many products over the years, from Avon, Mary Kay, Clinique, Olay, Arbonne and Nuskin. Many of them are wonderful. But the prices are high and there are so many creams and lotions. What I love about Reprise is not only the quality of the products and the reasonable price, but the fact that I do not need to purchase multiple products. I love the facial wash! It is so easy to use, and my skin is not dry at all anymore. With many products, I became lax and would skip them when I was really tired or in a rush. The simplicity and results of Reprise are fantastic!
— Linda B., Edina, MN
Yesterday morning, I woke up with several small breakouts on my face. I put the Daily Facial Cleanser on my face without wiping off the excess, and when I looked in the mirror about 1-1/2 hours later, the breakouts had reduced by half!

I also use the Extra Moisturizing Facial Cleanser at night to remove my make-up, and have been pleasantly surprised at how well it dissolves mascara.

Please consider making travel sizes of your products. People won’t want to leave home without them!
— Linda H., Wyoming, MN
I’ve been using the Extra Moisturizing Facial Cleanser for about three months, and I love it. My skin feels so soft and hydrated, but the best thing is how calm and comforting it is when I wash my face.
— Gloria K., Minnetonka, MN
I especially love the salt skin scrub in our dry winter conditions in Minnesota. The results are amazing!
— Jodi Y., Edina, MN
I love the facial cleanser! It feels and smells great, removes stubborn mascara and leaves my skin moisturized.
— Mary N., Edina, MN