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Kristi Shepherd

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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

Reprise Skincare is produced and sold to help consumers "recapture the skin they were born with".  While we believe that using our products may improve the way your skin looks and feels, we do not guarantee results and will be held harmless in the case consumers believe they have no results or any adverse reactions come from using our products.

All products are made for external use only.  Reprise Skincare will be held harmless if any harm results should consumers ingest our products or use them in any way that is not stated as official directions on our packaging.

Any written correspondence from consumers sent to Reprise Skincare as an endorsement of their products may be used in future promotions, social media and web site testimonials without further permission from the consumer.

Consumers agree to these terms and conditions when they click the "Purchase" button.