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Kristi Shepherd

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Minnesota...(heavy sigh)

Kristi Shepherd

It is just the middle of January, and I ask myself, again, why we live here in Minnesota.  This winter, in particular, has been brutal and harsh.  Temps far below zero and snow, lots and lots of snow.

Having lived here all my life, there is nothing that is surprising about our weather.  My ancestors settled here because they needed (wanted?) the familiarity of the cold climate from which they came.  I, like all of us who live in this frozen tundra, face winter with a brave face, knowing that warmth is just a few weeks, or months, away.

The weather was warm when we started Reprise Skincare, and the positive attributes of the oils and other natural ingredients nourished skin, fought off wrinkles and unclogged pores.  But now, with freezing temps and bitter winds, those ingredients have become essential to the care and moisturizing of the skin.

If our oil-based facial cleansers can help women in Minnesota, they can help anyone!

Fresh Start!

Kristi Shepherd

Starting a business in the midst of the holidays is not such a great idea.  Of course, our take on the holidays is pretty low key - more family and friends, less presents.  Entertaining is kind of in our professional DNA, so no problem there.  And I stopped sending Christmas cards years ago.   Happy Holidays, by the way...

But the holidays, no matter how simply celebrated, are a distraction.  Food, late nights, too much laying around, not enough exercise - they all lead to that holiday hangover that lasts until about January 2nd.  Today!

So, we're back in the saddle, promoting our new products, finding our next partners and making good on our promise to produce and sell high quality, 100% pure and natural skincare products at an affordable price...because all women, especially in 2017, deserve to feel beautiful!

We may be a little foggy and pudgy, but our skin looks and feels great!  And we're setting our goals for the new year.  Have you?  How about resolving to try Reprise Skincare products?  If you purchase by January 5, 2017, you'll get a free sample of our new Whipped Body Butter.  

Happy New Year!!!


We are open for business!

Kristi Shepherd

As of 12:29 p.m. today, Wednesday, December 14, 2016, Reprise Skincare is officially open for business!

After months of planning, product development and testing, building a web site and starting up the business, it feels good to be able to tell the world that our high quality, affordable, pure and natural skincare products are available for sale at affordable prices through our web site,

So please check out our products, and buy something for yourself or your mother, your sister, your daughter or a friend.  Because all women deserve to feel beautiful!

Once you try the products, feel free to let us know how you like it.  If you have a tip or a way to integrate our products into what you are already doing, please share.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.  We'll see you in the next episode!